Sunday, October 08, 2006

One week down.

Actually, a week and two days. I meant to write this post before. Things continue to get better here at home, and the new daycare situation seems to be ok. We went to a country fall festival this weekend and had fun rolling pumpkins, eating kielbasa and baked potato, and watching traditional Morris dancers. Rae and I have also been trying to get back in touch and treat ourselves a little bit. Friday, we had takeout and beer and ice cream and rented a floozy romantic comedy. And Saturday night- oh bless my sister and brother-in-law, the best babysitters in the world- we had a date. It was hard not to talk about Sweets, but we did eventually get to other subjects. Like law school. I must be crazy. But, at this point, the question is becoming less and less of whether I will apply to law school, and more one of when. My thoughts are a bit muddled now, though, as we are all a little sick, so I think I'm going to go enjoy the movies I just rented and leave this for another day. G'night.

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