Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Diving right in.

We are Lynn and Rae, a pair of newlyweds in New England, and today I'm starting this new blog in anticipation of our first foster care placement. We just received our license a few days ago, and will be welcoming our first foster child into our home in just a few more days. During our training, I heard the jokes about getting the call the day you are licensed as a foster parent, but CPS actually asked us to take this little girl two weeks before! We're excited to have this toddler enter our lives and to begin this crazy thing called foster parenting, though we're both still trepedacious. And both still in the midst of our own lives. Rae has just started a new job and is almost halfway to her independent social work license. I'm about to apply for my own license in the field and am thinking about law school. And we're both obsessive real-estate-droolers. Which I suppose is fitting enough, as we are shortly going to become official drool-cleaner-uppers. Holy cow.

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Trista said...

YAY! I am so excited for you two!