Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ahhh... silence...

With no clients at work for a few hours, I am having a quiet moment at home. Our messy home. Yeesh, I have got to clean this place up today. It's a mite difficult with a little one. And even more so when we are sick- all three of us have a yucky cold. Yesterday was pretty miserable, but today I think I feel better than Rae and Sweets. Probably because of the stuff I've been shoveling into my system to combat it. Ibuprofen, Dayquil, giant vitamin C tablets, zinc, two homeopathics (ocillococcinum and some bronchial aid syrup), various kinds of herbal tea (Cold Season, echinacea, Breathe Right, Throat Coat- two bags per cup for extra strong tea), and echinacea cough drops. Yessirree, I am covered. It's harder with Sweets, though- all we can really give her is cough syrup and vitamins. She has a doctor's appointment next week, but I don't think she's really sick enough to move it up- this will probably go away in a day or two. But I do intend to ask her pediatrician if we can get some children's vitamin C something in order to help protect her from daycare-colds in the future. That and a miracle drug that will make this child want to eat. How to make a 2-year-old eat? I don't know. We were following the "don't stress, she'll eat when she's hungry" advice, but she really hardly eats anything, and after almost two weeks, I am getting concerned about this. We're planning on replacing her milk with Pediasure in order to pack some more calories and nutrients into her- milk being the one think she does like to put in her tummy. Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Meanwhile, on mommy's end of things, I'm feeling somewhat flattened. It's such a radical change, reducing your time for yourself to a small fraction of what it was. And the crazy emotional ride. And the missing of one's spouse. All complicated by the knowledge that this is not for my child but for someone else's. I'm not into the glorification of parenting, particularly mothering- it's pretty exhausting and frustrating and stressful much of the time. I can't tell if I'm taking it well or not. But, then, she's just so endearing. Ah, well. It's the universal struggle, I suppose.

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