Thursday, October 05, 2006

Daycare Dropout

Yep, that's us- the proud foster parents of the little Sweetie who got expelled from her daycare on her second day! It bodes well for us, no? Ah well, I think it was just the provider- you can't really run a daycare without being able to handle some terrible twos, now can you? I guess the provider hasn't been doing this (daycare) all that long, and couldn't handle Sweetie's need to be redirected and shown who's boss, and apparently had a bit of a panic attack. Wha?? Come on now- you can't panic because of having to confront a two-year-old. You are the adult here. Anyway, she asked us to find another provider and suggested her cousin one street over. This one has been doing daycare for 8 years and has a much larger outdoor yard, which should be better for Sweetie's energy level, and I explained thoroughly how we handle Sweetie's behavior (which is getting very, very good at home, by the way- she had a great day yesterday), so hopefully this one will be able to hack it. Although, I'm not sure I love it- Sweetie is the only girl in the program (out of 7 children) and this morning the boys, especially the older ones, were quite loud and intimidating for her. And inside toys were limited, so I don't know. I would really like Sweetie to be in a daycare with more than one teacher, and while she'd make a very cute tomboy, I don't want her to turn into a little hellion. And in the winter, when they have to stay inside more, she's really going to need lots of indoor toys and activities. I'm still trying to get CPS to give her their contracted slot at the local childcare center (as opposed to home childcare), where they have multiple teachers and kids of all ages, and where it's more like a pre-school setting. CPS would prefer we use a voucher and compete for regular slots instead, as the contracted slots are supposed to be for family stabilization, but I really want Sweetie to get into that program, so we'll see how much they want to budge.

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