Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ok, ok. I know.

That was whiney and negative about my boy. And I do have some ideas.
First, things I like about Prancer:
He's warm and affectionnate, loves almost everybody, and is often a little ball of joy.
He cracks jokes and is a total goofball.
He loves us a lot and we love him, too.

Ok, second, since biting is a major problem, I'm going to send him to school with a teething toy (after I get permission from the school- toys are not usually allowed in from home). The question is, should I fashion it such that he can wear it on his person? I could put it on a lanyard and attach that as a necklace or as a sort of wallet-chain. Then he would have easy access when he feels like biting. Or would that be too conspicuous and should I keep it (and a little hitting-pillow) in a box in his cubby for teachers to direct him to?

Not so sure about the hitting pillow. It can't be too big, but if it's too small, he'll hurt his hand. Poor kid- he needs a Damn-It Doll! Speaking of which, so do I. . .

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