Sunday, September 14, 2008


Please oh pleeeeeeease can the media report something about the campaigns that has to do with an ISSUE?! Goddamnit I am so effing sick of this crazy hype that just gives more airtime to ridiculous lies and petty ads! And I don't want to read headlines about the GOP "faulting both campaigns for negative ads" when they are the ones intentionally deceiving the public with their slime and smears and immoral, lowlife, gutter "politics". Holding a stupid press conference about their false disapproval just serves to get them more media attention for the wrong thing and I hate the media for reporting on it and I hate that I'm writing about it right now but I'm just so hopping mad. I want to hear about the candidate's opinions and plans for ending the war, saving the economy, converting to green energy, changing our education law, protecting our elections from fraud, and how my family is going to be able to afford to heat our home this winter, among a host of other real issues. I see the Obama campaign talking about these issues in a very real, honest way every day because I bother to go looking for it. Why isn't our media covering that? I have my thoughts about the reasons for that, but it doesn't stop me from being sick to death of it. My personal Pulitzer to the first major media outlet to stop paying attention to the BS and give the public our desperately-needed fresh air in politics.


Anna said...

Exactly. When?

Yondalla said...

I spent an hour last night comparing both candidates "issues" pages. Well, I spent a heck of a lot more time with "my" candidate, listening to his speeches, reading his papers, noticing that he actually has something to say about disabilities and FOSTERCARE (although you have to dig for that paragraph - BUT IT IS THERE). Anyway, it helped me feel better.

Yondalla said...

Not a whole media "outlet" but one really good commentary:

starevelina said...

I have no idea when, but I sure hope it's soon.
And point taken on foster care- I couldn't find anything on Obama's site when I was researching the primaries, but I did find it just now (at least I think we're talking about the same paragrah). Either that document was added later or I missed it, so I'm happy to see the issue on his agenda. I hope he gets into it more later, because it's great to see more attention paid to kids aging-out, but I'd really like Congress to address the fact that (at least in Massachusetts) child welfare agencies are largely not complying with the Adoption and Safe Families Act they passed in 1997.
Last, it's lovely to see some real analysis. Now if only we could get that on the front page.