Saturday, November 17, 2007

And now for something (or someone) completely different.

We were unsure about taking Prancer out to lunch today, but we had to go clothes shopping for him and everybody was hungry by the time we were out of the store, so we went. Now normally, eating out would be a stressful thing with Sweets because she has issues with eating (as you longtime readers of my former food rants well know), so we either wouldn't do it, or Sweets would have to graze off of our plates rather than waste money on a whole other meal that wasn't going to get eaten. This boy? Not so much. Not only did he get a whole meal to himself, but he ate the entire thing- grilled cheese sandwich, apple, yogurt thingy, milk, and grabbed my baguette off my plate and ate a quarter of that- oh yes, he likes eating. He likes eating so much that he does it double-fisted. No worries there, I guess!

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