Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stupid rat race. Hmph.

This is just a pity party, feel free to skip it.
Oh how futile I feel as I watch our hard-earned savings go down the drain of a car accident and a monumental dental bill. Sure, we're finally getting a settlement on the car that was totaled, but we're still going to have to top that with at least another couple grand in order to buy anything remotely reliable. And how, I ask you, does a dentist get away with charging over 800 dollars for 4 measly fillings? My crap dental insurance isn't even paying half, so I'm handing over about 1/3 of my salary this month to pay it- I should have been a dentist, eh? And topping the list of financial suckitude, because federal interest rates have gone up again, we now qualify for 15,000 less than we did last month in the mortgage market. Which pretty much means, no house. The hermit's life is looking pretty good compared to this rat race.

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FosterAbba said...

I feel ya. I really feel ya.