Thursday, December 28, 2006


The Saturday before last, 8 AM, while just waking up:

Sweetie arriving by bed, leaning in and poking my face: "What that?"
Me: "Well, that's a big zit."
Sweetie, thinking for a moment, then: "No big. Huge. Huge zit." Poke, poke.
Me: "Thank you, Sweetie. It's always nice to know the truth."

*Sorry for the hiatus. Internet problem followed by holidays. Back in full force, I hope!*


Lisa said...

My name is Lisa and I'm a foster carer in Australia I've not long found your blogg so I thought I'd say would be interesting to see the differences between your system and ours there are a lot of things that suck and a few things that don't,I'm a single parent with three kids of my own one of which lives with me and three foster kids ranging in ages 17/2/ and 7months as you can see I have my hands full but I always have time for checking out bloggs,I don't have one of my own I just like reading others...I'm also in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend she lives in North Carolina hopefully moving here in the future but thats a whole other story.bye for now Lisa

starevelina said...

Nice to "meet" you! -Kate-